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John Lee

Everyone can create a passive income and become financially free.

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Do you want to become a World Class Speaker, travel, change lives and get paid to do so?

If you are a coach, speaker, trainer, author, business owner, online marketer, consultant or just someone who has a powerful message to share with the world, then this is for you.

If you want to be on stage in front of thousands of people and live on your own terms then John Lee is looking for the next World Class Speakers to train up, so you can do the same.

Each year, we put thousands of people through our events all around the world. And John uses World Class Speaker Mastery to look for super stars to promote on his own stages and platforms online, if you are good.

How Does John Do This?

Once a year ONLY, John trains thirty people in Bali, where he will personally coach you 1:1 over five days to become a World Class Speaker. This is the only event where you will get 1:1 time with John Lee and Vincent Wong.

If you are serious about changing lives and getting paid to do it, then apply now.

• Learn to present with power and confidence
• Learn how to create charisma
• Learn what it takes to become a World Class Speaker
• Get 1:1 feedback on your presentations from World Class Speakers
• Learn to tell stories and deliver your presentation so people love you
• Learn how to get paid to speak so you can carry on delivering your message
• Learn how to use speaking to get more speaking engagements
• Learn how to brand yourself as a speaker
• Learn how to engage the audience so they listen to every word you say
• Learn the 7-step speaking template to get paid more and deliver unforgettable presentations

And much much more...